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Native Business - Our Vision

Native Business Magazine empowers, informs, and inspires Native business and entrepreneurship.

NativeBusiness- Our Vision

Native Business® empowers, informs, and inspires Native business and entrepreneurship. Our focus is always on providing tools, resources, attention, and insights to Native American Tribes, always with a business perspective.

We want our digital media platforms to be an invaluable resource to Native entrepreneurs and Tribal business leaders. We want to share success stories, provide information, and spark ideas for new business pursuits.

We want our website and mobile app to drive discussion and provide timely updates on the latest business news from Indian country and on issues that impact Indian country. In so doing, we will help equip Tribes and Native Nations to adapt and respond to changing business landscapes and new innovations.

We want our events to be informative gatherings where Native business leaders can share their successes, network with other businesses, and help each other enhance their self-sufficiency and economic development enterprises.

We want to shine a light on success, self-sufficiency, and sustainability by indigenous people across North America. We share inspiring stories of ingenuity, success and resiliency from Tribes, Alaska Native Corporations and native businesspeople. We aim to bring people and resources together. Our goal is to help native businesses thrive, and to encourage and strengthen native business relationships worldwide.

Native Business -Our Mission

We spotlight innovation in business, inspiring change agents and sparking creativity throughout Indian Country.

NativeBusiness- Our Mission

Native Business is forward-thinking. We spotlight innovation in business, inspiring change agents and sparking creativity throughout Indian Country.

Native Business champions those who dare to rise. We tell the inspiring stories of startups and emerging entrepreneurs. We take a close look at the disruptors—people shaking up their industry, flipping the script, and challenging established norms.

Native Business drives the conversation. Thought-provoking interviews showcase passion, deliberation, and leadership by businesses across Indian Country.

Through coverage of corporate diversity issues, we make the case that companies at all levels should be looking to hire Native Americans for the unique viewpoints they bring.

Native Business drives wealth creation. By giving Native business leaders new tools and insights to efficiently run their businesses, Native Business helps them increase profitability and run better enterprises.

Native Business inspires professional development. We stand by the belief that Native businesses and entrepreneurs are capable of the extraordinary. In line with that sentiment, our content serves to drive continuous learning and innovation. As our readers evolve, expand and grow their businesses, we want to be a force that drives positive change and grows alongside them.

Native Business delivers value. We empower and inspire native business and entrepreneurship across our digital media platforms. Our website, mobile app, magazine, videos, e-newsletter and social media give life to our purpose.

Native Business - Our Reach

We are a 100% Native American owned digital media company that also present world class business events.

Native Business- Our Reach


The online home of Native Business®, NativeBusinessMag.com, is your daily source for business news in Indian Country. By providing timely news and features on businesses and the external forces that impact them, NativeBusinessMag.com is a one-stop shop for what you need to know, and a resource for you to visit daily.



Our Native Business videos deliver the news to you in a live, fun, and conversational format. We will soon be offering an array of Native Business video news roundups, trainings, insightful interviews with thought leaders and various how-to segments. Native Business videos are sure to be an additional resource to keep you informed and help you and your business grow. Check out the Native Business YouTube Channel now!


Native Business events bring together Tribal and Alaska Native leadership, featured speakers, thought leaders, informative breakout sessions and trainings, a business trade show and plenty of networking. The 2nd annual Native Business Summit will take place September 1-3, 2020 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma with Cherokee Nation Businesses serving as the event's presenting sponsor. For more information and to register CLICK HERE.


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The Native Business Podcast is now available on all your favorite podcasting platforms like iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify and more! Upcoming episodes will feature great interviews with leading Native business people and tribal leaders from across Indian Country! Connect with dynamic news, information, thought leaders and more on our Native Business Podcast which keeps you informed on the latest regarding business and entrepreneurship across Indian Country. Listen and Subscribe today!


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Native Business Studios produces a wealth of unique, interactive, engaging, and dynamic content for Native Business Magazine’s assets and properties. We will showcase Native Businesses using more than just the written word, and Native Business Studios is the vehicle that allows us to do so. Whether through video, audio, graphic design, or other forms of creative materials, Native Business Studios opens the door to unlimited storytelling opportunities.


Our original and creative copywriting is designed to help increase your customer base and brand loyalty with a clear, concise and compelling narrative.



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About The Publishers

A sense of purpose is deeply embedded in the culture of Native Business® by its founders, Gary (Cherokee Nation) and Carmen (Makah Nation) Davis. The husband-and-wife team have partnered on multiple businesses and successful entrepreneurial ventures, including: Red Vinyl Records, Litefoot Enterprises, Litefoot Entertainment Group, Native Style® Clothing, and Davis Strategy Group. The pair have facilitated comprehensive national community outreach programs and an array of cross sector business opportunities ranging from acquisitions, casino gaming, land development, energy and pharmaceutical initiatives.

Purpose And Approach

Gary and Carmen Davis launched Native Business to promote and advance Native American business, entrepreneurship, and economic development. Native Business accomplishes this through our digital platform by featuring news, success stories, promoting best practices, and informing readers about the latest business innovation and trends.

Native Business also empowers enterprises and entrepreneurs across Indian Country by providing video and podcast tools to motivate and inspire new generations of Native entrepreneurs by sharing the wisdom of various business thought leaders.
In addition to engaging readers and creating new conversations with its content, Native Business presents the annual Native Business Virtual Summit 2020 a broadcast quality event  live streamed from the Native Business production studios.The Native Business Virtual Summit catalyzes Tribal economic development and business growth across Indian Country. Our state-of-the-art virtual broadcast facility delivers live-streamed network news caliber coverage of our Summit to viewers across North America and around the world. Designed to expand and grow economic opportunities throughout Indian Country, the Native Business Summit builds bridges via its live broadcasts and features dozens of prominent speakers and presenters.​ Through its various platforms, Native Business shines a spotlight on the best that Indian Country has to offer and assists Tribes, Alaska Native Corporations, and Native business leaders with growing opportunity for future generations of Native people.

Gary And Carmen Davis

In addition to his role as Founder, Publisher and CEO of Native Business® Magazine, Gary, a member of the Cherokee Nation, serves as Executive Director of the Native American Financial Services Association (NAFSA). He is also a member of the Forbes Finance Council, an invitation-only organization for executives in successful accounting, financial planning and wealth management firms. Gary previously served as President and CEO of the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED), where he oversaw the organizations initiatives, including the Native American Global Trade Center, focused on growing the collective economic power of native businesses by facilitating a wide array of diversified multinational economic opportunities. He also expanded the National  Center’s signature Reservation Economic Summit (RES) events into smaller and more intimate regional events to foster collaboration among native businesses and to grow economic opportunity across Indian Country.

Gary has built a successful film and television career as an actor, including roles in Indian in the Cupboard,

Mortal Kombat, House of Cards. As the first Native American rap artist, “Litefoot,” he toured across the United States, performing and speaking to packed crowds. His motivational messages about living a life of purpose have inspired native people across North America.

Mr. Davis is a recipient of the prestigious Sevenstar Award from the Cherokee Nation Historical Society, presented to a Cherokee who is accomplished in a chosen field, brought honor to the Cherokee people and serves as an inspiration to others.


He has received the Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency National Director Special Recognition Award, was appointed as an Ambassador of the Department of Energy’s, Minorities in Energy initiative and was also appointed to the United States Small Business Administration’s Council on Underserved Communities. Mr. Davis was recognized as one of the “Fifty Faces of Indian Country” by Indian Country Today Media Network.

In addition to her role as Founder, Publisher and Executive Editor of Native Business® Magazine, Carmen, a member of the Makah Tribe, is also the President of Davis Strategy Group. Carmen has garnered more than 20 years of nationwide business operations, marketing and media experience. As a speaker, author and mentor, she has helped to create and lead several community-based initiatives with tribal nations across North America.

Carmen served as President of the non-profit organization, the Association for American Indian Development and its initiative, the Reach the Rez (RTR) program, the largest continuous effort of outreach to American Indian communities ever conducted in the U.S.

Carmen managed RTR’s national fundraising efforts while simultaneously organizing and planning the project. When the project launched, she facilitated and managed the effort’s logistics by traveling with it to 450 Native American Tribes and communities across the country.

In 2009, Carmen was named one of the first recipients of the NCAIEDs prestigious, “40 Under 40” award which recognizes up and coming community leaders from across Indian Country.