California Energy Commission Awards $5 Million+ in Grant Funding to Indian Energy for Camp Pendleton Energy Storage Demonstration Project

Indian Energy, LLC Founder Allen G. Cadreau

San Diego, Calif., January 15, 2020 – San Diego-based energy developer, Indian Energy LLC, has accepted a grant of more than $5 million from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to develop and demonstrate long-duration, non-lithium ion based energy storage technologies.This grant is part of the CEC’s Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) program, funding research that accelerates clean energy innovation, helping to build California’s 100% clean energy future.

This EPIC grant aims to demonstrate the value of energy storage technologies; evaluate how they meet varying customer needs; and help increase grid resiliency. These technologies could meet a pressing need for energy storage across the state to help prevent and mitigate blackouts and brownouts driven by climate change and more frequent wildfires. In addition, energy storage enables better integration and a more dynamic use of California’s growing renewable energy resources.

Indian Energy is a 100% Native American-owned utility-scale and microgrid development and systems integration firm. Utilizing the grant funds, Indian Energy, along with construction management partner Webcor, will develop, integrate and commission several innovative Hybrid Modular Storage Systems (HMSS) as a long-duration energy storage technology demonstration and deployment research project. The HMSS project is focused on uncovering and closing any final knowledge gaps in potential grid-scale implementation of long-duration storage, one of the last major barriers to securing California’s sustainable clean energy future. By leveraging the breadth and scale of the partners from a Navy/Marine Corps and Tribal perspective, the project can serve as a catalyst for a new wave of renewable energy solutions for California and beyond.

“It is an honor to be part of a team that is on the verge of accelerating the country’s solution for long-duration energy storage,” said Allen G. Cadreau, CEO of Indian Energy. “Our project – likely the first of its kind – will not only verify the industries current leading energy storage technologies and capabilities, but will also aid in the advancement of the technology and its operational security. We now have the ability to actively test energy storage use cases through real-world and real time applications at a time when our energy, transportation and tribal nation infrastructure needs critical support.”

The HMSS project involves developing six module types, each capable of meeting the requirements of long-duration energy storage and the needs of the state grid operators. Located in the 52 Area of Camp Pendleton, to leverage existing clean energy assets, the HMSS will demonstrate how to optimize the productivity of a variety of solar assets by charging with clean energy and shifting the delivery of that energy to peak demand and evening hours. It will also demonstrate how to shift to 100% renewables, as well as provide deep resiliency toward grid disturbances such as wildfires and cyber attacks.

Three specific HMSS modules will be funded by the state and made of flow batteries, supercapacitors, fast-responding mechanical energy storage and zinc hybrid cathodes in integrated installations. The other three modules will be funded by other government agencies and private industry partners. Developed using a proven “system of systems approach,” the energy storage technologies will also include an innovative hybrid controller which will ensure that each technology will be used at its most advantageous operating point, or optimized. The project includes installing different types and configurations or batteries, testing them individually, and then using them as one large unit, such as a unit that would be used on the California power grid when they recently shut down for fire safety. The best HMSS will then be scaled to 400kW/4MWh to achieve 400kW, for 10 hours (4MWh), the requirement per the grant.

“The 52 Area of Camp Pendleton has always played a special role in the development of microgrids and resiliency approaches for the State,” said Mike Firenze, Director of Federal Programs at Webcor. “The Marine Corps and Navy have quietly, yet boldly, lead the way when it comes to implementing renewables and microgrids for resiliency. It makes sense to bring it back to the site of prior success as a team and solve some of the last major hurdles to rapid and widespread adoption.”

The project is preceded by nearly a decade of renewable and resiliency activities in the Navy Southwest Region and underscores Indian Energy’s recent awarding of over $6 million in grant funding by the CEC within the last year to create two living laboratories to test the worlds most advanced energy storage technologies. The energy storage grants are being developed in partnership with the United States Marine Corp and the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians.

“We support the innovative approaches that Indian Energy and the State are developing and deploying,” said John Christman, chairman of the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay. “Long-duration storage is the critical piece for tribal nations to achieve energy sovereignty and resiliency. We are proud to be involved with these measures through our own VICU project.”

About Indian Energy, LLC – Indian Energy, LLC, is a privately held microgrid developer and systems integrator, specializing in developing large-scale advanced energy resiliency solutions for the Department of Defense, Community Choice Aggregators and Tribal Utility Authorities. The company was founded in 2009 and is certified as a Small Business Enterprise and a Minority-owned Business Enterprise. Indian Energy is 100% Native American Indian-owned and -operated, with offices in Anaheim Hills and San Diego, California, as well as in Baja Norte California, Mexico. The company has 4 GW of solar photovoltaic and wind and 6 GWh of energy storage under development. More information is available on the Indian Energy website, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Additionally, Indian Energy has partnered with the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians to create Chippewa Sustainable Solutions, Inc (CSS), which has been approved by the U.S. Small Business Administration for participation in the 8(a) Business Development Program. The co-owned company provides energy resiliency and energy security solutions to the United States Government and its Agencies thru the very unique and powerful direct award capabilities of the 8(a) Program.

About Webcor – Webcor is a premier provider of commercial construction services, known for its innovative and efficient approach, wide range of experience, cost effective design-build methodology, skill in concrete construction and expertise in building landmark projects. Webcor’s mission is to safely build structures of superior quality with integrity, continuously improve its processes by employing the best talent in the industry, and add social and economic value to its communities. Founded in 1971 and repeatedly honored as one of the Greenest Builders in California, Healthiest Employers, Top Corporate Philanthropists, Best Places to Work and Largest California Construction Firms, Webcor has offices throughout the state in San Francisco, Alameda, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego. More information is available on the Webcor website and on LinkedIn, Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

About the California Energy Commission – The California Energy Commission is leading the state to a 100 percent clean energy future. It has seven core responsibilities: developing renewable energy, transforming transportation, increasing energy efficiency, investing in energy innovation, advancing state energy policy, certifying thermal power plants, and preparing for energy emergencies.

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