Collaboration With Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez Brings Added Support to Native-Owned Navancio

Navancio, LLC, which serves the immediate needs and supports long-term solutions for Native Americans living in reservation communities, will be collaborating with President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer, on topics endeavored for the betterment of Navajo Nation communities.

Native-owned business Navancio, is certified as an 8(a) Business Development Program Participant by the U.S. SBA. Navancio provides professional services, including specialized expertise and high-technology solutions. These services stretch across the federal, state and local government market and in commercial sectors throughout the United States and internationally.

“We are thrilled to work with President Jonathan Nez to help facilitate growth and development for the Navajo Nation,” says Navancio founder Mark Maryboy, a former commissioner for San Juan County, Utah, and a former Navajo Nation Council Delegate from the Utah portion of the Navajo reservation. “With his experience and leadership in the local reservation communities, we know that President Nez will provide invaluable guidance to support Navancio and our goal to empower Native American communities.”

Jonathan Nez is the ninth and current President of the Navajo Nation. Before his election, Nez served as Vice President from 2015 until his inauguration in early January 2019. At 43 years of age, Nez is the youngest person to have ever been elected President of the Navajo Nation. Before being elected Vice President of the Navajo Nation, Nez served as vice president of the Shonto chapter, delegate to the Navajo Nation Council representing the Oljato, Ts’ah Bii’ Kin, Navajo Mountain, and Shonto chapters.

“I believe eco-friendly tech advancements are key to solve the complex problems of environmental security and sustainability, and that is why I am excited to collaborate with Navancio in their efforts to support our Native American Community,” says President Jonathan Nez. “Navancio is on a mission to transform the clean energy sector with their high-technology solutions, and I look forward to being part of their rapid expansion in the next few years.”




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