Communication Is the 2020 Job Market’s Most In-Demand Soft Skill

A recent LinkedIn study reveals that soft skills such as strong communication are just as prized as technical competencies in today’s job market. 

“Communication is core to how people interact, and therefore it’s core to how people do business effectively,” says Dan Brodnitz, the head of content strategy for LinkedIn Learning. “Anything that involves more than one person depends on communications.” 

This is increasingly relevant in a pandemic and post-COVID world, in which communications are more nuanced and complex, and many companies are and will be operating virtually. In such environments, higher-level communication skills become increasingly essential. Passion, a warm tone and eye contact (even if virtual) are irreplaceable, as well as the capability to express clearly and effectively over the phone and via email and online messaging. 

Human capabilities will be even more valued as AI and automation replace more interactions. “AI and machine learning and automation are all about replacing the easy work; soft skills are the part that will be the competitive advantage of humans in the coming years,” founder Martti Kuusanmäki told Fast Company.  

The second most in-demand job skill according to LinkedIn was business management, followed by problem solving and then data science.





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