Digital Expansion of Native Business Allows Unencumbered News Delivery to Indian Country During Pandemic

Our latest digital layer, the Native Business App, is drastically increasing Native Business’ readership by providing easier access to breaking news and insightful business content.

Native Business’ move to digital distribution via the Native Business App and increased investment in our digital platforms have empowered our media company to continue operations unencumbered by the coronavirus pandemic and financial crisis. 

“This move has allowed us to keep audiences up to speed in regards to business news and resources across Indian Country,” said Native Business Founder, Publisher and CEO Gary Davis (Cherokee Nation). 

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Nationwide, the COVID-19 outbreak has inspired a precipitous rise in digital/online news readership, as people seek to stay informed of the constantly changing health, social and economic landscape. Meanwhile, a question hangs in the air: Will the implications of the virus propel print media into extinction? 

Gary puts it point-blank: “This ‘new normal’ has pushed print media one step closer to its grave.” 

While print media will remain revered, the cost of production and distribution quickly becomes an unnecessary expense in the digital age — a reality that many media businesses, both national and within Indian Country — are currently facing head-on. 

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Native Business App for iOS

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Native Business App for Android

The timing of our print-to-digital transition was fortunate, and also key to our long-term vision and commitment to continual innovation. We launched the Native Business App, available across iOS and Android platforms, in December 2019, the same month we released the final print edition of Native Business Magazine, concluding with our Success & Finance issue

It was intentional to establish Native Business’ presence and credibility through print media, while simultaneously expanding our digital footprint on various platforms. For instance, we debuted the Native Business Podcast at our Native Business Summit in May 2019. Listeners can hear Native Business Podcast interviews with Tribal leaders and business experts via our website,, or directly through the Native Business App. Our podcast is also accessible on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play — or on whatever platform you get your podcasts. 

“Indian Country has traditionally placed high value on print media, and we wanted to uphold and honor the integrity of that medium by memorializing stories of Tribal resilience and blueprints of economic success within the stunning print pages of Native Business Magazine,” said Carmen Davis (Makah Tribe), Native Business Founder, Publisher and Executive Editor, of our print magazine published consistently from November 2018 to December 2019. 

Native Business Magazine sought to reach readers across Indian Country who faced limited access to broadband. Print also provided an avenue for direct delivery to Tribal businesses, Alaska Native Corporations, casinos, hotels, hospitals, schools and every member of the U.S. Congress.

While print media solidified Native Business’ brand, our digital evolution and expansion were always imminent. Innovation is a core tenet of our vision and mission. Carmen added, “We’ve been acutely aware of the growth trends related to digital news readership since the inception of Native Business Magazine. It’s why our website was such an integral part of our launch and, coupled with our app, vital to our growth as an innovative news and media company.” She added: “Articles that originally appeared in our print editions are being rolled out on our digital platforms — via and the Native Business App. In addition to our app, website and podcast, Native Business attracts a substantial following through our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter. Native Business followers can anticipate more resources soon through our business training and development portal, Native Business Video.” 

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