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In December 2018’s Issue …

Our December 2018 finance-themed issue of Native Business Magazine shines a light on people and institutions driving solutions to empower self-sovereignty, self-determination and economic strength. We share the insights and stories of Native women and men defying the odds and improving tribal economic development strategies and access to capital.

Gracing our cover is Cherokee Nation Treasurer Lacey Horn, who manages the Cherokee Nation’s multi-million-dollar budget. We speak with Vince Logan, an Osage Nation member and authority on financial empowerment.
We spotlight the best practices of exceptional Native American accountants and profile a recent Harvard Kennedy School graduate planning to launch an investment firm.
We put the banking industry under a microscope while showcasing entrepreneurs who have turned passion into profit.
A clear message resonates in our finance Issue, and it is this: We must recognize our worth, boldly communicate opportunities and push the funding envelope like never before.

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