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In May 2019’s Issue …

This debut “Native Business Top 50 Entrepreneurs” issue, and sixth print issue of Native Business Magazine, serves to uplift Native business founders and leaders who are demonstrating ingenuity, professionalism and self-determination.


Two covers bookend this May 2019 issue, honoring leadership of the two largest Tribes in the United States: the Navajo Nation and the Cherokee Nation. One cover features Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer and on the other cover Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker is featured. Read their stories and be inspired.


Throughout our “Native Business Top 50 Entrepreneurs” issue, we deliver a mix of snapshots and lengthier profiles of these 50 Native entrepreneurs, in no particular hierarchy, documenting and memorializing their innovation and self-determination.



We organized our list of the “Native Business Top 50 Entrepreneurs” by sector to demonstrate the diversity of industries where Natives are making an impact.

The release of our premiere “Native Business Top 50 Entrepreneurs” issue underscores the purpose of Native Business: to spotlight, uplift and inspire Tribally and Native-owned businesses. “We rise together, and the heart of everything that we do at Native Business is to empower the self-sovereignty, self-sustainability and prosperity of Indian Country. Native entrepreneurs play a significant role in driving Native economies,” said Gary Davis.

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