Don’t Miss Hard Rock’s Star-Studded Super Bowl Ad

Hard Rock’s Michael Bay-directed Super Bowl commercial is set to air directly before halftime.

The Hard Rock empire has grown dramatically since the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s acquisition of the international company back in 2007. The purchase, a landmark in Indian gaming, was the first time a Native American Tribe acquired a major existing global business, which today touts a presence in 76 countries.

This Super Bowl Sunday, Hard Rock International will promote the iconic brand with a commercial set to air directly before halftime, drawing the attention of an estimated 193.8 million adult viewers across the United States. 

While the Hard Rock brand is expanding all over the world, its resort in South Florida — also known as Seminole country, the headquarters of the Tribe — will see prime-time placement on screens across the nation. 

Tune into Super Bowl 54 today to see Jennifer Lopez, her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, Pitbull and DJ Khaled in the Guitar Hotel at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida. On October 24th, Hard Rock opened the doors to this 450-foot-tall guitar-shaped hotel tower — a structure with the sort of eye-catching, brand-cementing architecture you’d see in Vegas or Dubai.

The Michael Bay-directed spot features Lopez applying lip gloss in a mirror when a thief nabs her diamond-encrusted J.Lo mug. Viewers are then lead on an “epic” and “provocative” tour of the Hard Rock property, according to VaynerMedia, the creative agency behind the ad. 

“This moment was a really serendipitous moment to come out with an overarching statement for the brand. … You can walk into a Hard Rock and anybody can be there,” Adam Lock, creative director of VaynerMedia, told Adweek. “They pride themselves on that history and that legacy, and that’s the intention of having an all-star cast for the Super Bowl.”

The major production actually required some substantial last-minute revisions. Hard Rock opted to edit the ad following the death of Kobe Bryant on January 26. The brand cut scenes that “could be perceived as insensitive” in light of the helicopter crash that caused the death of Bryant, his daughter and seven others.

“Hard Rock is incredibly saddened by the news from this past weekend and sends deepest condolences to all those affected by this immense tragedy,” Hard Rock said in an official statement. 

VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk also commented on the last-minute revisions to the ad in a conversation with Adweek

“We had the unfortunate scenario that our creative was uncomfortably nuanced in a way that had enough similarities that are just difficult to fathom,” Vaynerchuk said. “It is our job in this industry to be good at taking the temperature, and that’s how I think about this. What is the temperature of our society around what we’d put in front of them when there’s a dark cloud in the air?”

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