Gabe Galanda Has Sounded the Horn for Economic Diversification for Years

Gabe’s practice Galanda Broadman focuses on complex, multi-party litigation and crisis management, representing Tribal governments, businesses and citizens. (Courtesy Gabe Galanda)

“Gaming is the only industry that has brought economic prosperity across Indian country,” Gabe Galanda previously told Native Business. “But Indian gaming is not forever. While gaming is still on the rise, it will stagnate at some point and will then start to taper off.”

For years if not decades, Galanda has leveraged his position as partner at his law firm Galanda Broadman to sound a horn about the need for Tribes to diversify beyond gaming. He’s been published more than 100 times and quoted by numerous media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, and Le Monde.

No one industry can be a panacea for Tribes’ economic needs, Galanda emphasizes.

Some Tribes may thus find the answers in industries like renewable energy or fossil fuel development. Others may find that in hospitality or technology. The important thing, he told Native Business in 2018, is that Tribes should start taking an inventory of their assets, including physical capital, human capital, land, and resources. His advice rings true today.

“They have to do that inventory and think beyond their current cash flow,” he said.

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