Gila River to Reach Solar Energy Goals Through Clēnera Partnership

​​The Gila River Indian Community and Gila River Indian Community Utility Authority (GRICUA) are teaming up with a leading solar developer to reap the power of the hot Arizona sun. 

The parties are forming a relationship with Clēnera to create a 50 MW solar project within the Gila River Indian Community Reservation, which stretches across 372,000 acres in south-central Arizona. 

The relationship will provide the Gila River Indian Community its first utility scale solar resource and is set to create additional operational and energy management jobs. 

“In 2018, GRICUA began to explore the potential of creating a sustainable energy facility and in May of that year we issued a request for proposals for the development of a solar photovoltaic energy facility,” said GRICUA General Manager Leonard Gold. 

“In September of 2018 the GRICUA review team interviewed 6 companies that specialize in solar development,” he continued. “In October of 2018, the review team selected Clenera because of its expertise and experience in the solar industry and the review team felt it would be a good fit. This new facility will create a clean, sustainable source of jobs, solar power and revenue to the Community. GRICUA looks forward to the completion of this project and to continue the relationship with Clēnera.” 

In addition to the creation of infrastructure, GRICUA will enter into a power purchase agreement with Clēnera for a minimum of 10 MWs of solar power generated from the new facility and will also perform the overall maintenance of the facility. The project is expected to reach commercial operations by the end of 2022. 

“Clēnera was established in Arizona and has been involved in local Arizona communities working on other solar projects,” said Clēnera Director of Business Development Jared McKee of the solar development and asset management service provider. “Our team understands the opportunities and challenges this project presents. Clēnera is excited to apply its experience to become a valuable long-term partner with the Gila River Indian Community to help them achieve their solar energy goals.”




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