Greenfire Takes Precautions, Continues Onsite Construction Work

Greenfire Management Services is taking precautionary measures — yet still continuing its construction work at all of its jobsites.

While the hospitality sector, in response to the coronavirus, has largely shut down or shifted gears to takeout-only nationwide, and corporations (that can) have transitioned to work from home, certain industries simply can’t make progress without onsite work. 

Many commercial offices, manufacturing facilities and construction sites are exempt from their respective city and state mandates that limit in-person gatherings. Yet these businesses are following protocol where they can — reducing the number of staff working the same shifts, and implementing social distancing to all extents possible.

Greenfire Management Services, the Milwaukee-based construction management firm under Potawatomi Business Development Corporation, the investment division of the Forest County Potawatomi, is one example of a business taking precautionary measures — yet still continuing to build at all of its jobsites.

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Greenfire has established a task force to constantly monitor the recommendations and guidelines from local, state and federal officials, and meanwhile, they’re doing their due diligence. 

All staff and site workers are advised to refrain from shaking hands and other physical contact. 

The firm has also instructed office personnel to work from home until further notice, conduct meetings electronically, and restrict travel. 

Meanwhile, industry associations are looking to streamline the response to coronavirus. 

Mike Fabishak, CEO of the Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee, told the Milwaukee Business Journal: “There are many conversations going on. There are also meetings being planned over the next couple of days between labor and management. We’re all working together.” 

For nearly a decade, Greenfire has been blazing trails in the construction sector and nabbing awards as one of Milwaukee’s fastest-growing firms. 

“We’re a top 20 construction firm in Milwaukee — competing with companies that have been in business for over 100 years,” Kip Ritchie, President and CEO of the award-winning Greenfire Management Services, which raked in 11 awards in 2018 alone, previously told Native Business. 

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