Happy New Year From Gary and Carmen Davis, Founders of Native Business Magazine

On behalf of Native Business Magazine, Publishers Gary and Carmen Davis wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019.

“Native Business would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our readers and advertisers for their support. Your readership, trust and confidence in Native Business Magazine has helped to make our multimedia business possible,” the Davises said.  

Gary Davis, a member of the Cherokee Nation, and Carmen Davis, a member of the Makah Tribe, created Native Business to serve as a platform for tribal businesses, native entrepreneurs and Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) to tell their unique stories. When native people relinquish control of their narratives and allow others to write or broadcast their stories, too often, they spend time refuting the way they’re portrayed. Native Business offers a platform to reclaim the narrative and illustrate and share the great things that tribes, ANCs, native businesses and self-determined indigenous individuals are accomplishing across the continent.

Native Business Magazine is a Native American-owned and operated business, founded and funded by the Davises. Two seasoned entrepreneurs, they can relate first-hand to the great rewards and challenges of starting and running a business. Together, they’ve successfully launched multiple businesses as a husband-and-wife team over the last 20-plus years. It is their intention, and the mission of Native Business, to serve as a powerful assistant to tribal leaders and to empower native business executives, indigenous entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners across Indian Country. 

Gary and Carmen Davis truly embody native entrepreneurial spirit, and they believe now, more than ever, is the time for native people to rise together.  “We know how hard it can be starting a business from the ground up, but we also know it is possible. Our efforts and vision with Native Business are rooted in our own experiences as native entrepreneurs and the culmination of decades of travel around Indian Country and the countless unique vantage points that we have acquired from those many journeys. Those experiences allow us to lead Native Business from not only a business owner’s perspective but with a deep understanding of the nuances, opportunities and challenges that exist in business and economic development across Indian Country. We hope that Native Business inspires and serves as a testament to other entrepreneurs across Indian Country that, by identifying opportunity and coupling it with hard work and determination, it is possible to achieve success, empower ourselves and hopefully motivate others in our communities,” Gary Davis said. He added, “Through our efforts with Native Business, we hope to serve as a real-time example to other aspiring native business owners, that we are capable of achieving and accomplishing amazing things when we believe in our own capabilities, put our minds to something, develop a plan and commit to seeing it through.”

“We are far more powerful when we are united, supporting and encouraging one another as Native entrepreneurs, and as Native people buying the goods and services of other Native people,” said Carmen Davis. “By recognizing our worth as native people, we stand to become the partners and allies that we have been looking for.” She further added, “We look forward to continue highlighting and increasing awareness regarding all the amazing things our people are doing in business and entrepreneurship across North America. And there are so many powerful and amazing stories to tell.”

Native Business rings in 2019 with deep gratitude, reverence and respect for everyone working to empower indigenous peoples and business. 

Happy New Year, and onward!




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