Here’s What Drove the Oneida Nation’s $744 Million Regional Impact in 2017

Bay Bank was founded in 1995 by the Oneida Nation and a group of five Green Bay area business men. (

According to a recent study conducted by St. Norbert College, the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin continues to have a dramatic impact on the economy of Brown and Outagamie Counties. The study found that the total direct, indirect, and induced effects associated with Oneida Nation economic activity resulted in $744 million in output, $214 million in compensation, and 5,465 jobs. Since the last economic impact study, completed in 2006, there has been an increase of $300 million in output.

Direct impact is the actual amount of jobs and spending by the Oneida Nation, indirect impact is the increase in jobs and spending at other businesses because of the Oneida Nation’s direct spending, and induced effects are the total wages from direct and indirect jobs spent in the local area.

With regard to the regional economy alone, the Oneida Nation’s reported direct impact totaled $494 million in output, $128 million in compensation, and 3,616 jobs. $88.8 million in revenue was generated for federal, state, and local level government as a result of the Oneida Nation’s activities.

The Oneida Nation’s 65,400 acre reservation is located in parts of Brown and Outagamie Counties on the western side of the Green Bay metropolitan area. In this two-county region, the Oneida Nation is responsible for 2.7 percent of the gross regional product, 1.4 percent of employee compensation, and 1.7 percent of the total jobs.

Sectors contributing to these impacts include capital projects, economic enterprises, education, public services, health care, housing, human services, and government and internal services. According to a 2017 fact sheet, Oneida employs more than 3,000 people, making them the 5th largest employer in Brown County.

They have developed a diverse set of economic enterprises, including the Oneida Casino; the Oneida One Stops retail convenience store; the Tsyunhehkwa Retail grocery store; Oneida Apple Orchards and Black Angus Cattle Farm; and the Bay Bank. They also operate the Thornberry Creek at Oneida Golf Course, which includes wedding and banquet venues; the Oneida Seven Generations Corporation, which is a property management and real estate development enterprise; and Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises, which provides services in environmental and civil engineering, construction, services, and homeland security.

The Oneida Nation is pursuing its seventh generation vision of emphasizing growth and development of their people through strong community and stewardship of the environment. As a result, the surrounding region is experiencing positive externalities of these efforts through economic growth and development.