Podcast Episode 5: Joy Huntington on Overcoming Fear

On episode 5 of the Native Business Podcast, hosts Gary and Carmen Davis, Founders and Publishers of Native Business Magazine, welcome Joy Huntington to the show. 

Joy is a proud Koyukon Athabascan entrepreneur who’s successfully achieving her business goals through a combination of grit, an inborn ability to foster productive communications between people, and a firm footing in her Tribal heritage. 

Joy speaks to the organic creation of Uqaqti Consulting, her statewide communications and community relations firm in Alaska. Pronounced “oo-kuk-ti,” Uqaqti is Inupiaq for “one who speaks.” Through her business and strong cultural ties, Joy has become a highly sought-after facilitator and communications strategist.

“I really love people. I really enjoy connecting with people. I bring that enthusiasm and genuine excitement to every project I work on,” Huntington says on the Native Business Podcast. 

“The quality of our businesses and our lives comes back to relationship — both personally and professionally,” she continues. “As I built these strong relationships across different industries and regions of the state, that propelled my business forward and upward at a rate that I was surprised by. Keeping up with the growth has been my challenge — hiring people, as our demand grew and we ventured into new industries, while keeping the quality high.” 

Joy also discusses the recent launch of the Joy Huntington brand — JoyHuntington.com,  a platform for her writing, motivational speaking, coaching and workshops — a venture she launched at the Native Business Summit in May. 

Journaling to move beyond fear has been critical to her professional and personal growth, a tool she plans to share with others through her personal brand. “Without taking the extraordinary risks that I have, I would not have built the extraordinary confidence that I have,” Huntington says. 

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