McCabe’s Tribal Coronavirus Virtual Summit to Address Initiating Economic Recovery

Melvina McCabe, M.D., health policy adviser, and Sean McCabe, Founder of McCabe CPA & Consulting Group LLC, Diné certified CPA, and Native Business Top 50 Entrepreneur (Courtesy McCabe)

McCabe CPA & Consulting Group LLC is organizing a summit to discuss the pandemic’s impact on Tribal communities. All essential leadership and officials are invited to bring questions regarding reopening communities and initiating economic recovery.

The Tribal Leaders Coronavirus Strategic Response Virtual Summit will take place October 1-2, addressing concerns pertaining to Tribal COVID-19, from a medical perspective, and CARES Act compliance, from an accountant perspective. 

“Our team feels the frustrations when politics conflates health policy and ideology to distort information regarding the risks to public health, government policy, accounting and compliance and regulations that impact Tribal citizens,” says managing partner Sean McCabe, CPA. 

“We are bringing together resources and tools to help mitigate the unprecedented risks that threaten our physical, economic and cultural health,” added McCabe, a Diné certified CPA, who was named a Native Business Top 50 Entrepreneur. 

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Since the start of the pandemic, McCabe’s accounting and consulting firm has grown internal resources, including medical professionals, and expanded its networks to provide pertinent COVID-19 and CARES Act updates and resources via webinars, newsletters, social media, and, now, a virtual conference.  

The summit will feature several distinguished guest speakers to cover the health aspects, impacts and recent developments concerning COVID-19 in Native communities such as diabetes, cardiology, pediatrics, and behavioral and mental health. 

“Tribes are facing structural challenges accessing public health data that is necessary to help guide their public health decision-making. Therefore, Native Americans are being impacted by this pandemic disproportionately,” explains health policy adviser, Melvina McCabe, M.D.

She adds, “Our intention is to promote a comprehensive understanding and increase the body of knowledge in these sectors and provide an educational resource to Tribal leaders and public servants.”

The virtual presentations and discussions will cover setting comprehensive goals; implementing an approach; and considering the many compliance measures, such as health care information privacy, CARES Act expenditure plans and future government audits.  

McCabe accountants and specialists on economic, business development and government policy will present the latest guidance and compliance measures associated with the $8 billion and other available CARES Act relief funds for Tribes. 

“In addition to the challenges, the federal funding allocated to Tribes to address the pandemic also present unique opportunities for economic and infrastructure development that may not become available in many years,” explains principal member, Juan Massey. 

“McCabe CPA and consulting experts in audit, accounting, compliance and economic development will give you important information on how Tribal organizations can remain compliant while capturing economic opportunities for Tribal members,” says Massey.

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