MHA Nation Envoy to Netherlands Served to Advance Tribal Food Sovereignty

Native Business Founder, Publisher and CEO Gary Davis and MHA Nation Chairman Mark N. Fox discussed the Tribal envoy to the Netherlands and the Nation’s food sovereignty initiative during the Native Business Virtual Summit live broadcast in November 2020.
Chairman Mark N. Fox envisions the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara (MHA) Nation generating its own power, raising and consuming its own food, and exporting its own goods.

In March 2019, a delegation from the MHA Nation flew to the Netherlands to meet with the Dutch Ministry and operators of the most innovative agricultural technology in the world. Native Business, which accompanied the Tribal delegation, created the short film “Food Sovereignty,” highlighting the MHA Nation’s trip and plans to convert compressed natural gas from its numerous oil wells to power sustainable greenhouses.

During the Native Business Virtual Summit live broadcast in November 2020, Chairman Fox spoke to the genesis of the Tribal envoy to the Netherlands, and to the MHA Nation’s plans to assert food sovereignty. 


“I was reading a magazine. I believe it was National Geographic. I came across an article in flight. And I think that’s about the only time I get an opportunity to do what I call ‘pleasure reading.’ Everything else is usually business. But I looked at the magazine and within that particular monthly magazine of National Geographic was an amazing article called ‘A Small Country Feeds the World.’ And I began to read that … and a light bulb went off. This is a tiny country in the world, that by innovation, by hard effort, by their own drive, they have positioned themselves to become a leading exporter of agriculture in the world. They’re actually smaller than a couple of reservations in total landmass,” said Chairman Fox. 

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MHA Nation Delegation Travels to the Netherlands to Meet With the Dutch Ministry & Innovative Leaders in the Agriculture Industry 

“So when I read this, I thought, well they have an abundance of a couple of things — an abundance of gas that comes from energy production of oil and gas and carbon dioxide, and plenty of water. …When we went over there, we saw thousands of greenhouses and agricultural methods, and their overall message, by the time you read through the article was: If the rest of the world doesn’t do what they are doing, that by 2050 — which is not far off, we’re talking less than 30 years — that the world is going to go into what they call massive starvation,” Chairman Fox continued. 

“…It was really an awakening, for myself and others. …We put a team together. …We have engineers, our own local scientists, agricultural production people, and fellow Tribal leadership, and we went to that country.” 

“…We said, we can do that too. We have plenty of flared gas that is wasted daily. We have plenty of water, and we have the land. All we need to do is put effort in to make it successful. We are on our way. I assure you that if you come back a year from now, it will be completed. We’ll be growing food that will be exported. That’s what Tribes got to do: export their own goods, generate their own power, reestablish infrastructure, take over all the transmissions of telecommunications,” Chairman Fox said. 

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