‘Nation Building Toolboxes’ to Offer Real-World Lessons From Native Decision Makers

The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development (Harvard Project) at Harvard University and its sister organization, the Native Nations Institute (NNI) at the University of Arizona, are launching Nation Building Toolboxes. The digital learning guides provide Nation Builders with learning activities and resources they can use to assist Indigenous communities in their drive for self-determination.

The intel is delivered via a user-friendly, information-sharing platform. The Toolboxes are customizable and designed to centralize resources on best-practices for self-governance. The learning tools draw on hundreds of hands-on lessons from Native nations and decades of research.

The mixed-media Toolboxes were created to assist in meeting the needs of other Indigenous leaders and decision makers. The content is supplemented with case studies, lessons learned, and first-hand explanations by fellow decision-makers who have tackled the challenges of strengthening their own communities.

The self-guided toolboxes enable Nation builders to explore, develop and manage their understanding of key functions of tribal and other Indigenous governance structures and strategies.

“We can’t tell you what will work for your community, but we do hope that having access through these toolboxes to the lessons from, and experiences of, other Native nations will provide you with ideas and useable starting points as you tackle your own community’s needs,” the Harvard Project states.

Join the Harvard Project for a live demonstration of these insightful tools and resources on November 1 at 12pm EST. RSVP for the live demonstration here to receive an official email invitation (with all event details) and a seat for the live demonstration https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/g.harvard.edu/NationBuildingToolboxDemo.