Native Business App Available For Download Now on iOS and Android Platforms!

When you download the Native Business App, you’ll have easy and streamlined access to business news, trends and innovation on-the-go from your phone or tablet.

After a year and a half of unprecedented success for a Native-owned media business, Native Business has launched the Native Business App, available across iOS and Android platforms!  

The Native Business App is an invaluable resource to Native entrepreneurs and Tribal business leaders, as well as those who desire to know more about Native American business and Tribal economic development in general. 

Users can effortlessly navigate through digitally optimized print articles that drive critical discussions about economic development and entrepreneurship across Indian Country. Like our website, the Native Business App will provide timely updates on business news and issues that impact Indian Country across 18 business “sections” and 24 business “sectors” — allowing you to stay up to date on the latest developments regarding an array of business that’s happening in Indian Country.

Meanwhile the Native Business Podcast, accessible via the app (and all platforms where you get your podcasts), will deliver interviews with leading Native businesspeople and Tribal leaders from across Indian Country. 

“Innovation is happening at a faster pace, now more so than ever, and that is absolutely true in the world of publishing and media,” said Gary Davis (Cherokee Nation), Founder, Publisher and CEO of Native Business. “We want to make sure that, as a Native-owned publication, we are right in line with those trends and making our content available to our readers in the most accessible and up-to-date fashion.” 

Native Business Transitioning To Fully Digital Publication in 2020

Our Success & Finance issue marks our final print edition of Native Business Magazine, as we fully transition to digital. We urge Native Business readers to download the Native Business App immediately and sign up for alerts to stay on the pulse of the latest business news and trends relevant to Indian Country, in addition to staying in-the-know by reading, subscribing and listening to the Native Business Podcast, tuning in to watch Native Business videos, and following Native Business on social media (FacebookInstagramLinkedIn & Twitter). 

This new digital layer, the Native Business App, will drastically increase Native Business’ readership by providing easier access to breaking news and insightful business content. “It speaks to the type of engagement we want to have with our readers,” Gary said. “Not only will it expand our readership, it will importantly provide mainstream America with the opportunity to learn more about Native business and entrepreneurial news that, prior to Native Business Magazine, wasn’t accessible to them.” 

Key Features of the Native Business App:

  • Choose what you want to follow and receive news notifications about!
  • Share your favorite articles with your network!
  • Easily search specific keywords to find the information that is important to you!

Download the Native Business App on your iOS or Android device!

Growth Mode

Native Business has been in high-growth mode since our launch in July 2018, when debuted. Shortly thereafter, we began distributing our print magazine across the United States, including to every member of the U.S. Congress. Within a year, we hosted our inaugural Native Business Summit and launched the Native Business Podcast, sharing impactful business interviews on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify and more platforms. 

In May 2019, we hosted our inaugural Native Business Summit. The event at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma, delivered a slate of high-caliber keynote speakers, production-level entertainment, unparalleled networking, and forums, panels and breakout sessions that dug deep into issues and topics of relevance to economic development and entrepreneurship across Indian Country. 

2020 Vision

In 2020, it’s full-speed ahead for Native Business — with our expanded digital footprint, via the Native Business App, and plans to roll out a paid business training and development portal, available via Native Business Video at

The paid platform will deliver highly valuable business training and “how to” videos, available at a price point accessible to most everyone. Native Business videos will also capture thought-provoking panel conversations, presentations, speeches and tangible business advice shared at the Native Business Summit, as well as provide access to exclusive interviews with Tribal thought leaders and successful Native entrepreneurs. Native Business videos are sure to be a valuable resource to keep readers informed and help them and their businesses grow.

Stay up-to-date on the latest business news and trends relevant to economic development in Indian Country via the Native Business App on your iPad or tablet!

“The value add of our digital content in 2020 is intense,” Gary emphasized. “Native Business will bring news and information directly to Indian Country like never before.”

Also in 2020, the second annual Native Business Summit returns to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, September 1-3rd. 

“At the Native Business Summit 2020, people can expect an even more energetic, inspiring, motivating, value-added business event that will provide top-notch networking. We’re very grateful to Cherokee Nation Businesses for their previous and ongoing support — for agreeing to be the presenting sponsor of our second annual Native Business Summit,” said Carmen Davis (Makah Tribe), Founder, Publisher and Executive Editor of Native Business Magazine.  

 In addition to sponsorship opportunities for the Native Business Summit 2020, Tribes and businesses can sponsor the Native Business App and Native Business videos.

 As Native Business executes our 2020 vision to bring greater value to Indian Country and beyond, we are committed to continuing to harness cutting-edge technology to enhance access to business resources and news. 

“We truly are informing business in Indian Country,” Carmen said. “We are very grateful that our efforts have been so successful. That as Native entrepreneurs ourselves, we have not only been able to identify a void and fill it, but that by lifting up and increasing the awareness of business and Tribal economic development across Indian Country, we are helping empower Native people across Indian Country today — and for future generations to come.”

Download the Native Business App for iOS here!

Native Business App for iOS

Download the Native Business App for Android here

Native Business App for Android




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