Native Business’ Summer Issue Spotlights Groundbreaking Tribal Health Care, Trailblazers in Arts & Entertainment, and Disruptors in the Beauty Industry

The eighth edition of Native Business Magazine examines Tribal and Native involvement in the lucrative arts and entertainment, health and wellness, and beauty industries.

Puyallup Tribal Chairman David Z. Bean appears on the cover of our July/August “Summer” issue. Though newly minted as Chairman, his 13 years of service on Tribal Council and upbringing among his people on the shores of Puget Sound in Washington State make him uniquely qualified to discuss the Tribe’s history, economic self-determination and commitment to innovation and excellence in the healthcare arena. The Puyallup Tribal Health Authority lays claim to many firsts, including establishing the nation’s first Tribal family medicine residency program and introducing the first Tribally owned cancer care center in the United States. 

We also consider how the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara (MHA) Nation is proactively addressing one of its greatest social challenges, drug and alcohol addiction, an unfortunate byproduct of the economic boom from oil and gas development on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. The Tribe started the Good Road Recovery Center, an in-patient treatment center in Bismarck, North Dakota, to reverse this tide of addiction. Elements of the continuum of care, including life skills training and assistance with resumes and employment, are significantly reducing relapse rates. 

Demonstrating the power of technology in the health and wellness space, Pontiac Group, founded by two First Nations members, is connecting remote Indigenous and Inuit communities to life-saving medical supplies via drone delivery. 

Switching gears, Native Business considers Tribes and Native entrepreneurs making inroads in the arts and entertainment industries. The newly launched Cherokee Nation Film Office will promote northeast Oklahoma as a prime destination for filmmakers. “Our strengths aren’t just in our locations or our incentives. We truly believe our strengths also lie in our people,” sayd Amanda Clinton, Cherokee Nation Vice President of Communications. 

On the gallery side, Native Business profiles Ruth-Ann Thorn, a successful Luiseño art dealer who recently curated the art for Sycuan Casino Resort’s $226 million expansion. “It’s refreshing to have a Tribal person in charge of the project,” says Sycuan Chairman Cody Martinez. “Ruth-Ann is a successful art dealer, and also as a Native person; she knows where to use Tribal information — and where not to.” 

Across the world, creativity in the beauty industry is flourishing, and Native entrepreneurs are making their mark. We spotlight Native-owned brands including Cheekbone Beauty, Ah-Shi Beauty and Made By Justine O. 

“Their products embrace Indigenous values, utilizing natural ingredients and taking a minimalist and environmentally friendly approach to beauty, while maximizing social value,” said Carmen Davis (Makah), Founder, Publisher and Executive Editor of Native Business Magazine

Native Business additionally shines a light on two Comanche innovators who recently launched The Native Oil ( to create CBD wellness products — think bath bombs, ointments, creams, scrubs and gels — for luxury resorts and spas in Indian Country. “We can label the products with their own casino, or their own Tribe, even in their own language,” says co-founder Russell Neese. 

On the heels of the anniversary of Native Business, we also take this opportunity to celebrate our progress, and to reflect on milestones reached in our first year as a Native owned and operated multimedia and event company. 

“We’ve laid a comprehensive multimedia foundation that we will continue to grow and evolve, all in the spirit of fostering sustainable business creation and bringing well-deserved attention to a thriving ecosystem of today’s business leaders and entrepreneurs that are sure to inspire future generations across Indian Country,” said Gary Davis (Cherokee), Founder, Publisher and CEO of Native Business Magazine

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