Native CPA Firm Creates COVID-19 Student Relief Fund, Will Match Donations

The McCabe CPA Group, LLC has launched a new relief fund to assist Native American students who have been economically impacted by the Coronavirus and precautions measures implemented by federal and state governments, called the McCabe CPA COVID-19 Native American College Student Relief Fund.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced universities to close down campus facilities, thousands of Native American students have been forced to return home to the reservation, where often they are faced with the lack of basic infrastructure to continue their studies remotely. Other students living in urban areas may have lost their part-times jobs and struggle to pay for essential living expenses. 

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The McCabe professionals understand the importance of higher education for Native Americans and the hardships they often face concerning the lack of financial resources and cultural differences. Managing member, Sean McCabe is a member of the Navajo Nation and graduate of Fort Lewis College. He understands the opportunities his education provides. 

“As professionals who have had the blessing of receiving a formal education, the McCabe team knows the value of education and how it can help improve our lives and bring our families and communities out of poverty,” says McCabe. “We are passionate about education and we are happy to provide assistance to our future scholars and leaders.”

McCabe set a goal to raise $50,000 and is committing to match dollar-for-dollar, the first $5,000 raised. The funds are intended to assist eligible students with graduation costs, semester dues, supplies and equipment, internet access, tutoring, other expenses through donations.

Along with universities, the federal and state governments have placed various restrictions on the ability to work in various industries like hospitality and entertainment. Senior Consultant at McCabe, Joelynn Ashley, who herself is pursuing her doctorate, says, “it’s unfortunate, the students should not have to worry about situations that they have no bearing on.”

“This pandemic, as well as the government measures to control its spread, were totally beyond the control of the students, so we feel like they shouldn’t be alone in bearing the burden resulting from choices they didn’t make,” she added. 

Along with available resources provided educational institutions and the federal government, McCabe is hoping the fund will provide relief to the higher education students most in need. They are working with reputable nonprofit organizations and foundations to ensure that the funding that is raised goes directly to the students in need. 

McCabe is asking partners, associates, friends and supporters of higher education for Native Americans to donate at,