Navajo Times Pauses Print Publication for Two Weeks Due to COVID-19, Continues Digital Delivery

With several states including Arizona experiencing record-high positive coronavirus cases, the Navajo Nation reimplemented a 57-hour lockdown over the past weekend. Meanwhile, Navajo Times Publishing Company Inc. announced it will close its doors for 14 days beginning Friday, June 19.

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Because the Navajo Nation implemented strict, proactive preventative measures, the hard-hit reservation no longer has the highest number of cases per capita in the United States. But on the outskirts of the reservation, infections have soared. “It’s troubling and disheartening to hear that so many positive cases have been reported in surrounding areas of the Navajo Nation,” said Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez.

Two members of the Navajo Times Publishing Company Inc. tested positive for coronavirus, so the media business is adhering to safety guidelines and working remotely. 

Tom Arviso Jr., CEO/Publisher, released a statement that the Navajo Times Publishing Company Inc. will not be printed for the next two weeks, the June 25 and July 2 issues. The Navajo Times will, however, publish the regular online E-edition during those two weeks and post daily articles on 

“We intend to continue to provide quality journalism, advertising, legal notices and classified advertising,” said Arviso. “It’s just that we will publish all our information in an online issue. We’ve never missed a publishing date but we have been delayed a few times in the past due to mechanical or press issues. This time around we are ensuring that we do everything we can to keep our employees and customers safe and that includes not printing for two weeks.”

Arviso continued, “The coronavirus pandemic is a serious issue that we do not take lightly. We have been quite fortunate up to now that we have had no positive results among our staff. We will continue to be safe in all that we do here at work.”