New Executive Director to Lead Southern Ute Growth Fund

Shane Seibel began his new role as executive director of the Southern Ute Growth Fund this week.

The Growth Fund drives the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s multi-billion economy, overseeing businesses and business investments in energy, real estate, construction and private equity. Operations and assets are spread across at least 14 states and the Gulf of Mexico.

Shane Seibel

Operations include Red Willow Production Company, its oil and natural gas company formed in 1992; Red Cedar Gathering Company, a natural gas gathering and treating company headquartered in Durango, Colorado; Aka Energy Group, an off-reservation natural gas gathering and treating company across six states; GF Properties Group, which manages the Tribe’s real estate portfolio; and GF Private Equity Group, which invests in private equity; and others.

“I am humbled and excited to be selected as the new Southern Ute Growth Fund Executive Director and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead. The challenges are coming from all directions and assembling a team of professionals that exemplify a great attitude, honest, and willingness to work hard for the membership’s equity will be paramount to our continued success,” said Seibel.

For the last five years, Seibel has been the owner and operator of ONE Enterprises, LLC, focused on single-family housing construction industry with annual revenue exceeding $312,000, according to Dun & Bradstreet. Seibel previously spent 20 years working in various leadership positions within the Southern Ute Growth Fund.

“On behalf of the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council, I look forward to working with Mr. Seibel as he assumes the role of Executive Director of the Southern Ute Growth Fund,” said Chairman Christine Sage in a statement.

Seibel obtained his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management in 2013 from Fort Lewis College. Seibel, and his wife Melanie, have six children: Roman, Dylan, Trae, Cloe, Ellie, Clay and one exchange daughter Miriam, and six grandchildren. He is a lifelong learner, farmer/rancher, coach, Sundancer, and entrepreneur, and long-time coach of the Ignancio High School girls basketball team.




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