New Meridian Leadership Institute Now Enrolling

Education modules will be accessible via several means, including on-site, live online, pre-recorded virtual, and customizable training programs.  

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Enrollment is now open for classes conducted by the Meridian Leadership Institute (Meridian/MLI), a new education and training platform led by Native women and designed for those seeking to advance their knowledge of accounting, audit, health, and compliance, and to enhance their technical skills and financial proficiency.

The genesis of Meridian was the COVID-19 pandemic, CARES Act, and American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Founder Melvina McCabe (Diné), MD, and the MLI team members experienced firsthand the impact of COVID-19, CARES Act, and ARPA on Native communities and recognized the need for ongoing education that enhances tribal preparedness for future pandemics and procedural changes. Dr. McCabe brings 30+ years of experience as a medical professional and school of medicine educator to MLI.

The Meridian team brings a diverse network of professional instructors to conduct classes from an indigenous approach, designed to help leaders grow their knowledge of accounting and audit training, compliance, health, and technical skills. Each instructor at Meridian possesses decades of experience in their field and as leaders in their communities.

“Our team is excited to launch this leadership education and training platform,” McCabe said. “We, in partnership with the wide network of subject matter experts, bring extensive teaching experience to improve organizational culture.”

Education modules will be accessible via several means, including on-site, live online, pre-recorded virtual, and customizable training programs. The Meridian Leadership Institute’s first phase focuses on five core subjects:

  • Accounting, Audit, and Financial Literacy: Promotes the confidence of financial literacy by teaching how to read and understand financial documents, income statements, cash flow, and balance sheets.
    Compliance: Promotes a culture of compliance by teaching the regulations that govern organizations and how to increase productivity while minimizing the risk of penalties.
  • Health: Promotes a healthy and positive work environment by teaching how to understand health policy guidance and best health response practices.
  • Technical Skills: Promotes critical thinking, communication, and adaptability by teaching how to use the latest software and technical tools to enhance efficiency and creativity in skills areas.
  • Other: Promotes and enhances knowledge impacting outcomes including cultural humility/cultural sensitivity/cultural competence/cultural intelligence, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace and leadership – corporate guidance to doing business in Indian Country.

“From our observation and research, we have seen an opportunity to develop a more impactful training platform that incorporates indigenous values with 21st-century technology and innovation. We feel there is a need for a more diverse and inclusive approach to the training needs of corporations and businesses,” McCabe said. “The Meridian Leadership Institute teaches organization professionals how to be effective when situations arise and take assertive action with confidence.”

Courses will continue to evolve to reflect the demand for ongoing professional development training. The first phase classes begin in September 2021 and are scheduled through December 2021, with more courses added regularly.

Visit the Meridian Leadership Institute website at to see course schedules, course descriptions and learn more about the Meridian experts. Create a free account to access exclusive content.

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