NativeBusiness– Our Vision

Native Business® empowers, informs, and inspires Native business and entrepreneurship. Our focus is always on providing tools, resources, attention, and insights to Native American Tribes, always with a business perspective.

We want our digital media platforms to be an invaluable resource to Native entrepreneurs and Tribal business leaders. We want to share success stories, provide information, and spark ideas for new business pursuits.

We want our website and mobile app to drive discussion and provide timely updates on the latest business news from Indian country and on issues that impact Indian country. In so doing, we will help equip Tribes and Native Nations to adapt and respond to changing business landscapes and new innovations.

We want our events to be informative gatherings where Native business leaders can share their successes, network with other businesses, and help each other enhance their self-sufficiency and economic development enterprises.

We want to shine a light on success, self-sufficiency, and sustainability by indigenous people across North America. We share inspiring stories of ingenuity, success and resiliency from Tribes, Alaska Native Corporations and native businesspeople. We aim to bring people and resources together. Our goal is to help native businesses thrive, and to encourage and strengthen native business relationships worldwide.