Podcast Episode 13: MHA Nation Chairman Mark N. Fox

On episode 13 of the Native Business Podcast, your hosts and founders/publishers of Native Business Magazine, Gary (Cherokee Nation) and Carmen (Chippewa-Cree Tribe, Makah Tribe and Yakama Nation) Davis, are joined by Mark N. Fox, Chairman of the Mandan Hidatsa & Arikara (MHA) Nation.

The Davis’ and Chairman Fox discuss a range of topics from the importance of Tribal natural resources — especially water, MHA agriculture, greenhouses and food sovereignty, reducing dependency on the federal government, COVID-19 and its impacts on MHA Nation’s oil & gas business, the detriment of dual taxation, the key to successful economic development = long term profitability — not short term gain, changing how we view ourselves and hanging on to our traditions and values but adapting and evolving for the prosperity of future generations of Native people.

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