Puyallup Entrepreneur Launches App ‘TeePee – An Indigenous Directory’

TeePee, a new mobile app created by Miguel Douglas, an enrolled member of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, acts as a digital directory, providing users with the resources to contact each of the 573+ federally recognized Tribes, their enterprises as well as Alaska Native Corporations. 

Douglas founded and serves as the executive director of American Indian Republic as well as the lead developer for Bella & Belle

Douglas created TeePee – An Indigenous Directory, available for the iOS and iPadOS platforms for $4.99, after strong response—including more than 2,000 downloads—confirmed the interest and benefits of his previous Puyallup Tribe Directory app (that app is available for download at https://apple.co/2QEmBno). As he states, “The next progressive step was to create TeePee.” 

TeePee is a mobile digital directory where every Tribe in the United States is available at the app user’s fingertips. It provides easy access to information on the currently federally recognized Tribal communities, Tribes, Bands, Nations, Pueblos, Rancherias, and Native Villages located in the United States.

The TeePee app key features include:

  • Detailed information for all 573 federally recognized Tribes.
  • Detailed information available for all significant tribal organizations and Alaskan corporations.
  • Information includes name, leader, address, phone number, fax number, email address, website, and social media channels.
  • Historical background on every Tribe.
  • Map functionalities to quickly locate and access directions to your chosen destination.
  • Search function to find Tribes, organizations, and corporations quickly.
  • The ability for users to create accounts to save their favorite locations, as well as submit reviews for Tribes, organizations and corporations.

“The concept of connecting the various Indigenous communities through technological means has always been an enormous undertaking of mine, and the practice of developing such an app was not taken lightly,” he writes. “Months of research took place prior to initiating programming of the mobile application, which entailed attentively inquiry into each Indigenous community to develop an understanding of how to best foster connection.

“This extensive search, was a driving point for bettering communication pathways amongst Indigenous peoples, and was one of the key inspirations for creating the app.” 

TeePee bridges an “immense gap in effectively connecting Indigenous communities, both internally and externally,” Douglas states

“…Bringing Indigenous communities together through technological measures is but one step in course correcting and taking control of our ability to connect once again.”