Susanville Indian Rancheria Launches Innovative Technology Company

The Susanville Indian Rancheria has partnered with D.C.-area information technology executives to launch ATI Government Solutions, LLC, an innovative technology company. The Arlington, Virginia-based company designs, develops and implements end-to-end tech services — from data analytics to software delivery to blockchain engineering to cyber security to cloud management, and more.

“ATI’s mission is to bring innovative solutions to the federal government using next generation technologies such as mobile, artificial intelligence, data analytics and blockchain,” Firmadge W. Crutchfield, Chief Executive Officer of ATI said in a company press release. “These technologies are game changers for the way the government does business and we see a market need for someone like us to step in who truly understands these technologies and can help the government take advantage of them.”

The Tribally owned enterprise and was awarded its (8a) status by the Small Business Administration on February 15, 2019. As a Tribally owned small disadvantaged business, ATI has “super” 8(a) status and can contract at a larger scale with more flexibility than other 8(a) enterprsies.  

ATI underscores on its website that as a Tribally owned 8(a) enterprise, ATI enjoys unique advantages for minority contracting. For instance, ATI is entitled to receive sole source contracts of any size or value, meaning ATI is not limited by the standard $4 million for services and $7 million for manufacturing ceilings that other 8(a) companies face.

“As a Tribally owned small business in the SBA’s 8(a) Business Development program, ATI is able to receive sole source contract awards of any value and as a result can be an excellent strategic partner for large businesses looking to expand,” said Deana M. Bovee, Tribal Chairwoman of the Susanville Indian Rancheria.

Other advantages include that ATI’s sole source contracts cannot be challenged by other 8(a) program participants or any other party; ATI can additionally team with other 8(a) companies including other Tribally owned enterprises without affecting any size-standard eligibility requirements. Also, under the Native American Incentive Act, ATI partners receive a 5 percent cash rebate of the amount paid to the Native American enterprise.

“An important goal of ATI is to create financial opportunities and independence for the Tribe,” Deana M. Bovee, Tribal Chairwoman of the Susanville Indian Rancheria, said in a statement. “The addition of ATI into our portfolio of Tribal Corporations allows us to enter the technology space in a major way that accomplishes our objectives through the company’s forward-thinking approach, including a business model of training and employing Native Americans in its workforce.”