Tallchief Hemp Founder JC Seneca: Hemp Is Traditional

Seneca shared an overview of his best-selling products, including CBD bath bombs (pictured), CBD cooling gels, and CBD tinctures. (TallchiefHemp.com)

JC Seneca, Founder of Tallchief Hemp, shared at the Native Business Virtual Summit how he established, capitalized and grew his hemp business into the successful operation it is today.

Mr. Seneca also offered an overview of his best-selling products — such as CBD bath bombs, CBD cooling gels, and CBD tinctures, all sold at premium prices — and discussed the production and manufacturing processes he has perfected over the years across multiple brands of products.

One key takeaway from Seneca’s interview was that he’s passionate about the hemp industry, because he views it as a traditional Native American product.

“Hemp has been in our peoples’ world from the beginning. Our people cultivated and utilized hemp in different ways throughout history. …Hemp is one of our medicinal plants that people utilized throughout time. When opportunity came, I decided to jump right in, both feet first right in and go for it,” Seneca told Davis. 


Seneca elaborated about the formation of Tallchief Hemp:

“After the Farm Bill was signed in 2017 of December, in January, we launched TallChief Hemp. We started working on developing a brand and developing products, trying to network and work with different people that were already working within the industry to find those partners that would help me establish a brand and product that we could have confidence in and that we could market to people in regards to giving them a better quality of life. That’s what it’s all about, is extending our Native ways and our Native medicines to people, for them to experience it and to have a better life.”

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