Tribal Cannabis Tasting Room in Sin City Lets You Sample the Goods

The Las Vegas Paiute Tribe isn’t waiting for Nevada to legalize cannabis consumption lounges in two years’ time.

The sovereign Nation legally offers a sample “flight” to patrons looking to try before they buy at its new  Vegas Tasting Room

The consumption lounge at the Tribally owned 15,800 square-foot cannabis megastore, NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, is the first venue in Nevada to offer the opportunity for guests to smoke publicly. 

While it’s legal in the state for individuals over age 21 to purchase recreational cannabis, it can only be consumed in a private residence. 

“We’re able to do this because [we’re] on our sovereign land here,” Benny Tso, a member of the governing council of the 65-member Tribe, told the LA Times.

NuWu is located on Tribal land just a couple blocks north of downtown Las Vegas.

Guests can try some 20 of the store’s 1,000 cannabis products, ranging from flower to concentrates to vape cartridges. They can even taste THC-infused beer. 

Sampling at the Vegas Tasting Room does entail a price tag — between $8 to $25.

“This is for an experience to know what cannabis is, to get the whole profile of a cannabis plant, of the terpene profiles and all the flavors,” Tso told

Since its debut a month ago, officials have respected the Tribe’s sovereignty to operate the Vegas Tasting Room on its lands. 

“They’ve been a solid operator so far on the dispensary side, and this seems like a smart idea,” Las Vegas City Councilman Cedric Crear recently told “The Tribe is in a position to do a great service to our community.”


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