Tulalip Tribes Sponsor Cannabis Research to Treat Opioid Addiction & Alzheimer’s Disease

Tulalip is sponsoring research that will examine how whole plant cannabis extracts can treat opioid addiction and Alzheimer’s Disease. Tulalip has contributed $2 million to support two medicinal cannabis research projects at the Stanford University School of Medicine’s Behavioral and Functional Neuroscience Laboratory. The thirty-month, $2 million dollar research award commenced on May 1, 2018, the Tribes announced in a press release this week.

“Tulalip Tribes is committed to developing Cannabis-derived medicines with the potential to treat opioid addiction. We are proud to sponsor this cutting-edge research,” said Teri Gobin, Vice Chairman of the Tulalip Tribes. “Like so many communities across the nation, we are deploying an ever-increasing amount of resources to fight this epidemic. We decided a new approach was necessary. As sovereigns, we have a unique responsibility to our people, and providing a natural remedy to the opioid epidemic is our priority.”

The two research projects are co-directed by Professor of Neurosurgery, Mehrdad Shamloo, and Professor of Bioengineering, Annelise Barron. The research utilizes rodent models to study the efficacy and mechanism of action of cannabis flower extracts and purified THC/CBD to treat heroin addiction and Alzheimer’s disease.

These two respective studies are the first of their kind to look at the efficacy of using whole plant cannabis extracts to treat addiction and Alzheimer’s Disease. Currently, it is nearly impossible to obtain Federal funding to study the positive health benefits of cannabis, especially cannabis oil, so Tribal support of this type of research is particularly important.

Tulalip Tribes: Remedy Tulalip & Tulalip Tribal Cannabis Agency

Unrelated to the medical research sponsorship, the Tulalip Tribes is actively involved in the cannabis industry. Tulalip debuted a boutique-style cannabis dispensary in August 2018, complete with “Cannabis Concierges” armed with electronic pads. Remedy Tulalip aims to curate the cannabis experience for the connoisseur and the tourist.

The first enterprise of the newly formed Tulalip Economic Development Corporation (TEDCO), Remedy Tulalip is located within Quil Ceda Village, the Tribes’ popular shopping/entertainment district and Tribal municipality, situated between Seattle and Vancouver. Quil Ceda Village draws approximately 15 million visitors annually – a number that Tulalip anticipates will climb dramatically thanks to its new cannabis store.

The Tulalip Tribes also created the first regulatory arm — the Tulalip Tribal Cannabis Agency — to coordinate with the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board on policies and enforcement.

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