Virtual College Counseling Platform Aims to Increase Native American Admissions Rate

With lack of access to tools and support needed to prepare for college, only 17 percent of Native Americans continue their education after high school, according to the Partnership With Native Americans. The Native community is the second least likely to graduate from either high school or college, according to the New York State Education Department. To enhance growth in college admissions among Natives, myKlovr has offered the first-ever virtual college counseling platform to Native American communities across the nation, connecting with about 600 tribal leaders.

Dino Beltran, Vice Chair of the Koi Nation, invited myKlovr to introduce its virtual college counseling platform to the leaders of 22 tribes participating in The United Pomo Nations Council meeting in Northern California on September 26. The tribal leaders are also working to increase college readiness and admissions. Ideal for communities where previous generations are less familiar with the college application process, myKlovr virtual college counseling uses data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide college-bound students with personalized guidance and individual action plans. The holistic guidance is not limited to just academic performance.

“At myKlovr we leverage the power of technology to increase every student’s chances of educational success regardless of background. Native American communities have faced limited access to college education, which can negatively affect life opportunities, and we wanted to take action in a more positive direction.“ said Gustavo G. Dolfino, founder and CEO of myKlovr. “With limited human resources at the disposal of Native American students, initiatives undertaken by a number of NGOs, state and federal institutions are falling short. We aim to fill this vacuum with our cutting-edge technology solution.”

Recognizing that Native American students start at a disadvantage based on their high-school graduation rate, myKlovr connected with their community to support a stronger college-planning process.

The myKlovr platform benchmarks a student’s profile against U.S. college admissions data and best-in-class practices to identify opportunities and best-fit schools. Starting with 9th-grade students, it provides every college-bound student with college prep advice, college planning guidance, college search assistance and more.

“Every student deserves the same access, tools, and information when it comes to college planning. Every student deserves the same chance of success.” Dolfino added. “We are proud to level the playing field with easy-to-access online resources for college.”

myKlovr is a division of Student Global, LLC, established in New York in 2016. The first-of-its-kind virtual college counseling platform, myKlovr utilizes predictive data analytics and artificial intelligence to increase every high school student’s chances of college admission.

Dr. Michael Youmans, a Harvard-educated, independent college counselor with over 20 years of experience, described myKlovr to as “the future of college counseling.” In a myKlovr news release, Youmans explained, “It already does a better job offering individualized college admissions advice than most US public school college counselors, who are overburdened with an average of 350 students per counselor. The nature of AI technology will only get better over time as it makes use of more and more data. This is an exciting and important project of inestimable proportions.”




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