Watch Live Today: Carmen Davis to Speak on Panel, Indian Country Business Leaders for Biden

Central to Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan is directing investments to advance racial equity. Native Business Founder, Publisher and Executive Editor Carmen Davis, an enrolled member of the Makah Tribe and also Chippewa-Cree and Yakama, will speak on today’s virtual panel Indian Country Business Leaders for Biden.

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Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for U.S. President, has released his “Build Back Better” plan focused on building back the economy better than it was before the COVID-19 crisis. The agenda includes bold investments — in infrastructure innovation, manufacturing, education, housing, clean energy, federal procurement, and small businesses. 

Pivotal to the Build Back Better plan is directing many of these investments to advance racial equity as part of the nation’s economic recovery. 

At Native Business, we are passionate about showcasing Native entrepreneurship, and Founder, Publisher and Executive Editor Carmen Davis is a vocal advocate for advancing the private sector economy across Indian Country.

In many ways, Davis’ entire career has served as a constant conversation in relationship to Native American entrepreneurship, and as a testament to her lifelong commitment to elevate the profile of Native-owned businesses and their access to capital and resources. 

Hence, Davis is particularly heartened and bolstered by Biden’s commitment to spur public-private investment through a New Small Business Opportunity Plan. 

Collectively, Biden will leverage more than $150 billion in new capital and opportunities for small businesses that have been structurally excluded for generations. An additional $50 billion will go toward new equity investment and venture capital for entrepreneurs in economically disadvantaged areas. 

Tune in today to hear Carmen Davis speak to how the Biden Campaign can empower Native small business formation, growth and expansion to build a better future for all Americans. 

The Indian Country Business Leaders for Biden panel is inspired by Biden’s appointment of Clara Pratte, Diné, as his campaign’s Tribal Engagement Director. 

As Native Business previously reported and as Carmen Davis expressed in her weekly update “From the Editor”:

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is investing in diverse coalitions and recently made a significant hire in Clara Pratte, Diné, who will serve as Tribal engagement director. Her work to build bridges between Native voters and the potential next U.S. President sets the stage for a generative future, uniting the prospective Biden Administration and Indian Country, and empowering Tribal Nations and Indigenous peoples as influencers and decision-makers in shaping policy and legislation. 

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Carmen Davis will be joined on today’s panel, Indian Country Business Leaders for Biden, by Chairman of Natural Resources Committee Raul Grijalva; Chris James, President and CEO of the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development; Lance Morgan, Ho-Chunk, Inc. CEO; Patrice Kunesh, Director of Pehín Haha Consulting; and Dante Desiderio, Executive Director of the Native American Financial Officers Association.

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