Wind River Internet Connects Homes, Offices and Powwows to Broadband

Wind River Internet delivers unlimited broadband service to homes and offices, and now, the Tribal business will hookup powwow attendees with WiFi. Powwow season commences on the Wind River Reservation with the 60th annual Eastern Shoshone Indian Day, and Wind River Internet will make connection and social media shares that much easier — and free.

“Here [on the reservation] a lot of people don’t have access to that,” Chris Friday, who supervises the company’s fiber optics projects, told Wyoming Public Media. “This will help those people connect with the community and get this event out there, let people know that we’re doing big things with the Powwow.”

Approximately 85 percent of people living on the reservation in Wyoming have consistent access to Internet, according to the Northern Arapaho-owned information technology and services company.

Wind River Internet is operated by Northern Arapaho Tribal Industries (NATI), based on the Wind River Reservation, home to more than 5,000 Eastern Shoshone and over 10,00 Northern Arapaho. NATI provides a wide range of services to federal agencies and other clients, including IT and telecommunications solutions, training and technical assistance.

NATI’s Wind River Internet division is determined to become a leader in wireless services nationwide.

“My goal is to have our reservation be the number one advanced in technology in the entire country,” Lane Savage, a wireless technician for Wind River Internet, told Wyoming Public Media. “Some people don’t see it that way, but I say why can’t we be that?”

In addition to Wind River Internet, NATI operates a Technology Solutions Center from a 10,000 square-foot facility, featuring 20 computer workstations and a training room to instruct over a dozen people at a time. With Fiber Optics running directly to the building, there is an enormous amount of bandwidth for call centers, data processing and hosting.

Beyond its Technology Center, Information Technology and Wind River Internet, NATI also functions as a full-service revenue management service organization, working with hospitals and clinics to provide coding, data entry, billing, accounts receivable management, auditing, and much more.

NATI markets its broadband services through Wind River Internet as “Lighting Fast Internet” — up to 3 times faster and more cost efficient than other providers.